Thank you, VOGUE Germany!

by Natascha von Hirschhausen on

so thankful for the beautiful editorial “Metamorphose” featuring our modern pant suit with herringbone pattern

2nd love

by Natascha von Hirschhausen on

happy to open our 2nd love category, where you can find PR and production samples The background:  As a future driven zero-waste fashion brand we do not believe in...

fashion week Berlin 2021

by Natascha von Hirschhausen on

We are happy to invite you to our fashion week Berlin 2021 formats for press, buyers and everyone:   Digital zero-waste Impulsworkshop:  Thursday 21. January 2021, 10.30-12am -...

happy new year

by Natascha von Hirschhausen on

thoughts on 2021 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Quite late - but last year was quite draining and I needed some days off to start in a new year 2021...

news. news. news.

by Natascha von Hirschhausen on

Hello everyone, I got some exciting news to share, plus I a friendly reminder on our winter special.During the last months we got selected for two very exiting fellowships by...

winter special

by Natascha von Hirschhausen on

We are happy to introduce our winter jewelry special including our favourite zero-waste accessories. We cut the profit margins to say thank you for being loyal with us through...

zero-waste workshop for local international

by Natascha von Hirschhausen on

Last week (13th of July 2020) I gave a two hour zero-waste design workshop for local-international, which is a collaboration project between weißensee kunsthochschule Berlin and Goethe Institut Bangladesh.  My workshops include...

welcome to our new website

by Lukas von Hirschhausen on

A fresh start in the digital realm: our first blog post about our new website and the new online shop.

zero-waste workshop for fashionhackdays

by Natascha von Hirschhausen on

Yesterday (26th of June 2020) I gave a three hour zero-waste design workshop for fashionhackdays, which were organized by HTW Berlin and Wissenschaft im Dialog gGmbH. 

size-guide for our zero-waste collection

by Natascha von Hirschhausen on

You might be wondering, why some garments are tagged with sizes like "onesize for S-L". The reason is, that I love size-fluent design and incorporate it wherever it...