zero-waste fashion

wasteless future

We don't believe in letting our resources go to waste. That is why we produce the complete collection with less than 1% of wastage. 

To avoid waste and work on a maximized resource efficiency, Natascha designs the whole collection true to zero-waste principles. Next to draping and knitting, Natascha created innovative zero-waste patterns. The pattern pieces intervene with each other to significantly minimize the clippings, meaning textile leftovers, compared to the industry standard.

Natascha's zero-waste patterns minimize the production waste for the whole collection to under 1%, whereas the conventional fashion industry causes around 20% of wastage per garment. 


An impeccable fit is guarantied by the complex puzzling of the curves of the patterns. In 2017 we received the German federal Ecodesign Award 2017 in the category product for our sustainable concept and especially for the zero-waste patterns.

Just to paint a picture of how little waste we produce: On top of this hat you see the complete clippings of the current collection.